My first anal

I met him in Winchester when I briefly trained to become a British soldier. I signed up at 16 and some months later I was sent to start my training. While there I could not help but be aware of this irritating, attention grabbing, hyper active young man. I would do everything in my power to be as far from him as possible but no matter how hard I tried to avoid this human irritant I found myself in his company.

Three to Four months later I was back in Scotland rethinking my life plan. Anal had never been a part of the plan. The army and I were going in opposite directions. Though now I had a boy who consumed my every thought. The very boy I could not stand. Just like my anal experience he was not a part of my plan. I feel confident enough to say he was my first young love. Though even my first love was not worth my ass.

We were young and in a long distance relationship with his home in Carlisle and mine in Fife. It would have been easier if he had lived there but sadly he was sent to live down south with the army. Most of this relationship lived through Skype and calls. We would spend every minute together when he got leave which was 2 weeks at most. Being so young and full of desire for each other we did have a lot of sex. In my sisters bed, On my living room couch, most rooms of his house and any where we could physically do it.

We were both pranksters by nature. I think that is what bonded us so well. Our mutual love for winding people up. He would often send his little brother in to the shower with cold water to throw over me. That was always embarrassing only because his brother was so young and I believe I may have displayed the first real vagina before him, unwillingly.

During sex one night he took this nature of our relationship to another level… he was kissing my neck lightly, grabbing my hips back so that I would reverse on to his hard, wet cock. I was in such a moment of hot, young happiness. In, out, in, out. He was getting slower I noticed. Maybe to increase my want for him. I loved it and embraced him into me. He stopped for a second. I waited happily for him to penetrate me once more. Then to my utter surprise there was a… DRY DICK IN MY ASS. MOTHER BITCH YOUR DICK IS CAUSING DEATH TO MY ASS. DRY AS SAND. MY TIGHT ASS HOLE HAS BEEN MOLESTED BY THIS LITTLE SHIT.

There you go. Prank? I think not. I have many words for that. Prank is not one. It was a huge surprise to me. No lube. No warning. Just the strong loud sound of his laughter filling the room. I saw death that night. I felt death that night.In my little ass hole. I was dead for a moment I am sure. I could have been legally declared dead for around 5 seconds. The driest, tightest, most stretched 5 seconds of my life. Stars first involuntary anal experience.



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