Day in the life of a Pornstar


Welcome to my blog guys and girls. I thought this would be an interesting topic,following my crazy exploits through my life in porn. All the highs and lows, mainly highs! Honestly you wouldn’t believe the messages people send me on my social media. Some highly entertaining shit.

Anyways a little bit about me? Good place to start. I was the quite one at school (always the quiet ones), but I never thought I’d have a nine to five even then. I always felt like I’d foray into the adult industry at some point. I could never settle down with one partner either. I just got bored so easily once the initial rush and excitement ran out. All these mitigating factors pretty much directed me towards the industry. I mean where else can you get away with this behaviour? Certainly not a conventional relationship.
Anyways, fast forward nearly a year later. Climbing up from little amateur clips on tube sites to working with professional producers. Trust me it’s been hard, but worth every long journey, learning experience and soft dick along the way. At the end of the day I’m an exhibitionist and porn is the ultimate outlet!
Well that’s enough for tonight. Next post I’ll be writing about funny messages I receive for my beloved fans and the weirdos of the web. Standby for much hilarity and messages like, “do you want to make the sex with me dear?”


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